Blog Love: My Owl Barn

Today, I’m starting out a new segment simply called Blog Love. I have a few favorites already listed on the sidebar, but I thought about creating a PAGE of blogs I love and in the process, I think it would be great to have each blog featured more closely as my list builds up.  So here goes. . .


I do not usually come across blogs that are truly fixated on one thing. Today, I would like to introduce you to a blog that is entirely about Owls. And if you think that featuring one creature everyday is a bore, you’ll be surprised at how interesting, amusing and delightful owls can be.

If you are an owl lover, then surely you’ll love this blog too.  And if you hop over there today, you can join the souvenir giveaway!

Take a look at some these discoveries from My Owl Barn:










moon stitches
matt pugh
ulster weavers
allison ball
chez sucre chez
lace and tea

My Owl Barn


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