Home Interior Inspiration: Fallon Ackers

Have you seen Etsy’s Home Decor Edition yesterday? It features the beautiful home of Fallon Ackers,- the designer & owner of two lovely shops Olive and My Vintage Backyard.  I am so smitten at how simple her design style is – making use of things she found from thrift stores and of course, personal purchases from endearing sellers of Etsy.

I love how she plays with colors – light palette mixed with accents of bold colors here and there.  It is so wonderful to see hues of green, blue and yellow scattered happily in her home.  And I love the idea that nothing in her styling looks so difficult to do.  I am inspired!

I know I’ve seen so many photos of gorgeous homes in different decorating styles but this is certainly one of my favorites.  You can see more of her home photos here and follow her blog here.



  1. >I love Etsy Decor -I save everyone and keep thinking I will have the time to go through them with great detail (not)- but I suppose that day will come eventually!

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