Functional & Decorative: Up-Cycled, Eco-Friendly Organizers

I love organizers! They make life easier, they add life to a room, and they give us more space to move in.  Today, I put together a selection of functional, decorative pieces that can be used to organize clutter. These pieces are handmade, upcycled or recycled, and eco-friendly – which makes them even more special.

These stitched wire sculptures are created by bird from a wire. That birdcage wire frame is so cute, don’t you think?  Those of you who love to sew might use it to hang ribbons or fabric scraps. I would love to hang my hubby’s neckties there alongside photos and postcards or notes. (The 2 wooden clothespins are included set.)

I love these wall organizers from post road vintage! The cool thing is that each one has been put together using recycled materials like mason jars, tin cans, salvaged metals, etc. They certainly would make any space more interesting!  If you hurry, there is a giveaway on her blog right now.

These creative storage bins are from sewing momma‘s shop.  They are made from felt fabric produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The pretty flower embellishments are created from fabric scraps.  Perfect bins to dump in your magazines, shoes, craft supplies, toys, and thingabobs!

Loving these burlap message board, journal, and bookends from next door to heaven.  I can imagine those bookends with my favorite books on a white or neutral shelf.  So lovely!

This shop called bowenism is all about felted pottery made out of wool fabric.  These fuzzy vessels  would look fabulous by the window or on a shelf to contain small items or potpourri.

I want these French script clothes pins from The Shabby Chic Cottage.  The bird tea light holder and pin cushion are adorable as well.  And so is that ivory lamp shade with French scripts.

These soft, fuzzy bowls are from Valeries Gallery.  They were stitched or crocheted from wool yarn, processed through the washing machine, shaped and hung dry.

Midwest Finds is all about upcycled and recycled vintage jars.  I love the jar liquid soap dispenser.  I can imagine it inside a simple white bathroom.  And the half-pint jar spoon rest, isn’t it so creative?  The natural blue tinge of these Ball jars would look perfect against a white or gray background.  Combine it with a colored accessory and the glass will reflect the colored light.
Oh, how I would love to take home even just one or two item from each shop. What about you? Which one   did you like?


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