Shop of the Week: Prairie Garden

This week, I have interviewed Liane Doxey, owner/designer of two Etsy shops, Prairie Garden and Prairie Garden Studio. I enjoyed learning that like our past Shop of the Week sellers, Liane has also managed to turn her personal hobby and love for gardening into a successful small business.  It is also the first time I heard about zeroscaping which is a beautiful concept.

As our Shop of the Week, Liane is offering a special Free Shipping privilege for the whole month of July exclusively for The Shopbug readers.  Enjoy complimentary shipping on Jewelry and complimentary book rate shipping in the US, 50% off worldwide shipping from Prairie Garden And enjoy complimentary shipping from Prairie Garden Studio (matted art is the exception). Just enter ShopBug in the message to seller to get the free shipping.  Thank you so much, Liane!

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

Prairie Garden is a name that means many things to me. Let’s start with the garden portion of my name… I am an avid gardener; in fact I recently graduated from the Illinois Master Gardener program. My first journal was a garden journal designed to hold all of the information I wanted be sure I incorporated into my own garden. Also my art work in Prairie Garden Studio is almost entirely botanical in nature. The Prairie portion of Prairie Garden is because I happen to live on Prairie Avenue.

Read the interview at Beautiful Handbmade blog.


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