Starting An Online T-Shirt Business

If you are a designer planning to start your own online business or independent shop, there are many ways to introduce your designs. One popular type of merchandise where you can print your unique art work is the humble t-shirt.
Most shop owners purchase a large bulk of plain t-shirts from a wholesale supplier to get the cheapest price. From there, you can choose your own method of printing, be it through screen printing, transfers, digital or vinyl transfers.
While there are quite a number of shops that sell t-shirts, you can always find your niche market depending on the main theme of your designs. For instance, some illustrations and slogans are a big hit for teenagers (ex. Cafepress funny tshirts) while others are especially designed for kids. Needless to say, you need to be able to consistently come up with bright ideas if you want to attract a following of buyers. Yes, the most important aspect about this particular business is creativity.
You may also consider selling online instead of renting a shop to cut down your start-up costs. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of setting up your own website or using a third party company that offer webhosting for businesses.
Aspiring entrepreneurs can try out CafePress as a venue for their art. Café Press is an online company for customers and artists who are looking for a unique way to express themselves through customised designs on various products such as t-shirts and clothing, film posters, greeting cards stickers, buttons, magnets, and home decor.
The company was started in 1999 from a humble garage in San Leandro, California. Fred Durham and Maheesh Jain had a clear vision of a business that focuses on self-expression, freedom and creativity. Today, the website receives an average of 11 million unique visits per month and is considered to be it is one of the most successful companies online having tie-ups with major companies like Fremantle Media Enterprises, MGM, Summit Entertainment, Snoopy, E! Online, etc. Recently, it has introduced official Twilight t-shirts, New Moon and Eclipse apparel.
Some third party companies will provide the t-shirts and even take care of the shipping services so all you need to focus on are the designing and marketing aspect. Perhaps you might want to check the waters first, so to speak and see how your target market will respond to your creations. If the response is great, then that’s time you can build your own business website. Before taking the next step, be sure to do some research first so that you’ll know what to expect in running an online business and be prepared to face up to the challenges.

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