Style Love: Tissue Paper Couture

We started off the week with a paper shop interview, followed by a series of posts on paper styling and playful paper products.

In line with the theme, these stunning fashion photos are taken from the Sixth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2009, for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, sponsored by Cashmere Tissue Rolls. The event was participated in by 15 top fashion designers from Canada, using yes, you’ve guessed it . . . tissue paper. From the looks on the runway, you’ll never say, it’s just tissue paper.  I am excited to see what the 2010 collection would present.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

designed by: Dinh Ba
handbag by: Jeanne Lottie
designed by: Sunny Fong
designed by: Patricia Fieldwalker
designed by: Anastasia Lomonova
Hair accessory by: David Dunkley
necklace by: David Maestre
photos via:

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