Shop of the Week: Old New Again

Hello everyone, hope your weekend has been great.  Our Shop of the Week is none other than Old New Again.  Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this home based shop is owned by Rick and Elizabeth Duckhorn.
Their story is truly an inspiration especially for people who have lost their jobs and are planning to start  a small business.  Let’s meet this husband and wife team and listen to Liz as she talks about the steps involved in their creative process.
What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

First, we are a husband (Rick) and wife team (me, Liz).

We love old things with a fresh spin, like a fresh coat of pretty paint on a dingy wooden box.  My mom was an antique dealer when I was a child, and my dad has been a full-time artist ever since I can remember, really.  He’s made a nice living off his art, so I learned a lot about both creating and how to sell, too.  So maybe I mixed the “antique dealer” with the “artist” and that’s how I got “old with new”?  Hmmm…. I just figured that out!

Read the entire interview on Beautiful Handmade blog.


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