Web Hosting Service

In Search for the Best Web Hosting Service

To find the best web hosting service, there are a number of factors to consider.  Here is a list that can help you:
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Web space. How much web space do you need?  If you are going to use it for business, a bigger space may be necessary.  This is especially important if you have a large data base or if you need to fill your website with high resolution graphics and videos.

FTP access. Some website hosting companies have their own web builder.  Although it may be easy to modify your website using these tools, it’s better to choose a web host that provides FTP access so you can have more freedom to customize your website according to your preferences.
Bandwidth (Data transfer).  A higher bandwidth range ensures efficient data transfer so this is another factor that you must check before choosing a web host.

Up Time.
  A reliable website hosting service must ensure less down times  Although there is no webhosting company that can guarantee 100% uptime, it’s crucial to find one with the lowest down time rate, especially if you’re going to use the website for business.
Support.  Does the web hosting company provide dependable customer assistance and technical support 24/7?  Are the representatives knowledgeable and helpful?  One way to check this particular aspect is to call up their customer service number and speak with the representative.  Another way is to check its web hosting rating from the internet or do a survey of what their customers have to say about their service.
Pricing.  Of course, everyone wants to get reliable service at a reasonable price.  However, keep in mind that  a low price alone does not guarantee great service.  Spend time comparing plans and prices of different web hosting companies.  Check out a web hosting directory so you can compare  reviews and prices without hopping from site to site.

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