Sarah Storm Photography

Behind the Lens: Sarah Storm

It has been awhile since I have posted an interview for this segment.  Today, I’m very happy to introduce you all to another talented photographer. Her name is Sarah Storm.  You can find most of her works here and from her blog.  But not only that! Sarah is also a painter! Check out her beautiful artworks here.

I’m glad that I asked her to do this interview  with me because I have learned much.  She did not take up any class and for someone who wants to learn more about photography, that is inspiring.  Now, I hope you will enjoy reading this interview as much as I did.  Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your thoughts and experiences:)


How did you get into photography?

I have always had a passion for photography. My father is an amazing photographer and growing up he was never anywhere without his cameras. He even has his own dark room in the house. He really helped me develop my passion for it. I received my first 35mm camera when I was very young and since then have been hooked. I spent most of my High School days in art class and the yearbook darkroom.


Did you take up a formal education in photography?
I have not taken a single class. I believe it is important to read your manual inside and out and to experiment, go out and shoot as many photos of as many things as possible to find your style. Digital helps a lot that aspect.



In three to five words, how would you describe your work?

Little details in nature.

Which one is your most favorite or most memorable photo?
When I was in 6th grade I took a photo of my puppy, who is 14 now running though the snow and it was amazing. She had the best expression. Everyone, including myself was impressed it turned out so nice. That was before digital so it was a bit harder to get that perfect photo.



What type of photography do you like to do best?
Nature photography. I am a biologist and I love to capture the little details most would overlook and share that.


What kind of equipment do you use?
Right now digital, but I do love film as it is what I learned on. I haven’t been in a darkroom since high School. It is a dream of mine to learn large format film photography like Ansel Adams used.



What is your personal view on computer manipulation or digital enhancement?
My views have changed over the years. I think the world of photoshop is amazing. I wish I knew more about it. It is capable of things I could never dream of doing in the darkroom. I think it is a way for someone to really make an image their own. However, I believe in using it only to slightly enhance my photos since I am trying to capture the true nature of things, which in itself are amazing.


What/who are your favorite subjects to photograph?
I am blessed to live in Colorado where I have a lot of inspiration. If I had to choose, I love the feeling and subjects in forests.



What are your least favorite subjects?
People and food. I am sure that will change when I have children. And I would much rather enjoy the food.
If you were not a photographer today, what career would you have pursued?
I have a degree in environmental science and biology and am hoping continue preserving our natural world. Currently I work as a horticulturalist and enjoy beautifully the land. But my dream job would combine the two and work for National Geographic.


What is your dream photoshoot that you still have to do?
I would love to take a large format camera and travel to some of the places Ansel Adams visited and try to see what he saw. The Tetons and Redwood forests are on the top of that list.


If you can travel anywhere for a photoshoot, where would it be?
So many places, I would love to travel deep into the rainforest and see animals that most have never seen before. Africa and Alaska would be amazing too.


What do you enjoy most about being a photographer?
It motivates me to see new places and things. I see things as if I am looking through a camera lens even when I don’t have one. It helps me to always be observing and because of that I see things I might normally miss if I wasn’t a photographer.


What is your idea of beauty?
I tend to find things that are natural more beautiful, but I also love old architecture. I think beauty is anything that brings you the feeling of pleasure. It can be a view, a smell or the feeling of sunshine.





Who are your inspirations?

My Parents are huge inspirations. They’ve always had me creating and playing outdoors. Also they are always supportive, never critical. Also, Andy Goldsworthy, is such an inspiration to me. He is by far my favorite artist. His work is beyond incredible.

 Sarah with her dear puppy 🙂

Do you have any advice for aspiring photographers?

Always, Always carry a camera. I cannot tell you how many incredible moments I have missed because I did not have one. I have spent more time mad at myself for this than anything else.


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