Shop of the Week: Kachina and a Giveaway

Our Shop of the Week interview features s new Etsy seller. She will soon fill her shop with more of  her creations but she has finished some goodies like the ones you see in this post.  I love interviewing new entrepreneurs because their stories and courage can be very inspiring for others who want to start a home business.

Kachina is also offering a gift to one of our readers. It will be a surprise!  All you have to do is  check out Kachina leave a comment on this post, telling us what you like from her shop.  The winner will be picked via random on March 14th.  Please check back by that date to see if you won or leave your email address so I can contact you.

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

Well it is self titled only because I have played around with so many names and nothing really suited me, except for my name! And since I have such a wild girl name any way, why not! haha
How old is your shop?
Well you should never ask a women her age! hahah well actually I have had the shop for a few years now, but really never put a whole lot of effort into it, but I did a lot with craft shows and trying to get noticed a little! So recently I started to actually post new things I have been trying and different things other than just jewelry which is what I started out with. I feel now days there is just so much talent I find myself looking at other peoples things and saying “oh why didn’t I come up with that”. But it really is amazing the things that people come up with!

What inspired you to start your own home business?

Well actually there is a few different things that goes into what I do only because I do so many different things! My new favorite thing is sewing! Ahhhh I love it, love it, love it!!! But I am very lucky to have a spare bed room which is, of course, my craft room.
I have so many things going on from paper crafting, jewelry, sewing, clay, screen printing, cake decorating, I just really love EVERYTHING!!! except knitting and crocheting! I teach a crochet class at my job (and I work at a craft store), but just don’t really like to do it as a project of my own!

What was the toughest challenge you faced so far?

Hmmm…well I would have to say making a sale online. It is actually a very difficult process to do, which I have found to be very similar to the craft show world! It actually took me a few years to actually have a great table and be really proud of the display.
My ideal goal was to have people (even if they didn’t buy anything) at least stop by and either just look (more than before) or have some sort of a compliment! And I spent a lot of time researching what it is that attracts people and just the concept and taking the time to do that really helped I think, but the biggest challenge I am faced with so far is applying all of what I know in the real world and applying that to my page in the cyber world!

How did you get over it?
Well, I am still trying to work on that, although I am getting into the grove of things a lot more and really trying to make my site something people want to see! And I love feedback, even if it is critical! But I feel like things are looking positive and I am getting a little better of a feel for things!
Please Name:

the things you do when you’re not busy in your shop:

Well anything I can do to craft! I love it! I spend hours reading blogs and looking at new craft ideas coming up with ways to make it my own! My head is bursting at the seams with all the ideas that I have and I love to create anything!
My new favorite day is Thursday, I actually go to my coworker Susan’s house and we spend all day sewing! And I love it! She is a seasoned sewer, and amazing at everything, but I’m hoping with a little more practice I will get there! And then besides working I spend my time with my beautiful mom, or my awesome boyfriend! They are both a really great inspiration, and I really appreciate everything they do, and how much they support me!
stuff inside your bag you can’t leave home without:
Camera! Phone? (I really could live with out it) Wallet! And a note book that I right things down all day so I don’t forget any little handy ideas I may have!!
your top 3 favorite picks from your shop:
Well I would have to say the first one is the high waist skirt! Although it is a small and wont fit me, I lovvve it! The print that is on it is from one of my favorite designers, Heidi Grace! She makes the cutest anything!
The second would be my ‘Andrea’ necklace from my by the sea  collection, which is inspired by one of my old best friends, its kinda wild but really pretty! The necklace really is sooo beautiful and I want to keep it so bad but would love to see someone else in it!
The last thing that I love is probably my giraffe clutch! It is such a cool bag, and it is on a khaki corduroy, and just poppin with the little hot pink giraffe! And I love this screen so much because I drew it and it took me forever! And when I finally printed with it, it looked SWEET!!!
What tips would you want to share for aspiring home based entrepreneurs like you?
Jumping into the craft world can deffinatly be scary but soooo worth it! The things people come up with and what different ideas that one person may have and another person may perceive really is how it all works! So don’t be afraid!
And like they say “Don’t be afraid to reach for the moon, and if you fall you will catch a star!” I mean if you follow that motto there should be no room for disscouragement! And always ALWAYS be POSITIVE! Been a bad day? Just really remember, and try to keep it locked there in your mind, to keep a good attitude, its all about the law of attraction, you are setting yourself up for a bad day, or a bad sales if you have the attitude of being negative! So always be positive and remember it doesn’t come over night so keep your head up!
Thank you so much Kachina for being part of theshopbug!

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