Interior Design Inspiration: Kriste Michelini

Interior Design Inspiration: Kriste Michelini

Hello everyone.  Hope you’re all doing great.  We have finally moved in to our new apartment but there are still a gazzillion things to do.  I love that the house has high ceilings, spacious walls and a staircase.   But at the moment, the biggest challenge is the fact that we can’t drill holes on the walls.  I was hoping to fill up that one entire wall space with frames.  I’m still trying to find the right moment to ask the caretaker again if maybe she will change her mind about this. In the mean time, I am looking for ideas as to how we can fill those walls with art and photos.
I still do not have internet connection at home which is a huge, HUGE inconvenience since I cannot really spend hours online.  I hope that you all bear with me for these sporadic postings.  Today, I excitedly browsed the pages of Rue’sfourth issue (quite late, obviously).  There’s so much to love!
I want to share with you these inspirations from interior designer Kriste Michelini.  The frames on this wall seem to have been drawn and the photos are not in real frames at all.  Maybe I can incorporate this idea with our own wall space and solve the problem.  Do you have any suggestions? If yes, I would be delighted to hear it.


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