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Lookbook: Alice and Olivia 2012 Resort

Lookbook: Alice and Olivia 2012 Resort

A splash of colors!

From Alice & Olivia’s 2012 Resort Lookbook :

Alice and Olivia 2012 Resort
Shop of the Week: Mila Rose Designs

Shop of the Week: Mila Rose Designs

Hi everyone. I’m back again with another lovely interview for you all. Our featured handmade shop is Mila Rose Designs.  Melissa is the owner/designer of these pretty and fabulous hair ornaments and accessories.  Please read the interview below to find out how the business started, the challenges she faced, plus a few personal messages for fellow entrepreneurs, customers, and friends.  I have re-posted the complete interview here.  Thanks for reading 🙂
Mila Rose Designs
Style Love: Massimo June 2011 Lookbook

Style Love: Massimo June 2011 Lookbook

Love these ensembles from the Massimo June 2011 Lookbook!

Continuing Education Through Online Degree Programs

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Studying online has its advantages particularly when time is an issue.  Online students have more flexibility when it comes to choosing classes that will fit their schedule.  If you are currently working and planning to continue your education, taking up an online degree program is worth considering.
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The cost of education is another factor.  Studying online is generally cheaper compared to traditional education.  Of course, you don’t need to drive yourself or commute everyday to the school’s location so transportation expenses are completely eliminated.
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For people who are living far from universities and colleges, there is no need to rent a boarding home to be closer to campus.  As long as there is access to the internet, anyone can pursue a degree online at their convenience.
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What types of programs are offered online?  Many colleges and universities offer a wide range of online courses.  You can enrol in a program relevant to your work to enhance your skills or strengthen your portfolio.
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The most popular courses include online degree programs in business management, accounting, web design, photography, the arts, game design, healthcare, marketing, education, and finance- just to name a few.
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If financing your education is a problem, you can apply for a student loan to support your online education.  Check out to find information on Federal Student Aid and a list of schools offering scholarship programs.
Bunk Beds

Functional & Decorative: Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are perfect space savers.  With a little imagination, you can utilize every possible corner to make it not just functional, but decorative as well.  I’ve gathered a couple of inspirations online featuring bunk beds that are used creatively.  Take a look:

Consider the theme of the room.  For little girls, pink and floral accents are a favorite while young boys usually like blue, green and sporty stuff.  Add spunk and fun to your children’s room with these playful ideas. Aside from a ladder, you may incorporate a mini-slide for going down.
For big families, wood bunk beds are ideal for maximizing space.  You can combine up to 4 bunks adjacent the wall to free up more flooring space in the room.  You can even use the extra bottom space for storage by including pull-out drawers.

If you don’t have to share the room with anyone, the bunk style is still great to make do with a small room.  I  love this idea of using the bottom space not as a bed but as additional storage and work station simply by adding compartments, storage boxes, and a work table.

If you usually need to accommodate a number of guests in your home, you can make the most out of the guest room by using a double deck bed instead of just one.
Is there unused space in the living room?  Why not add a discreet sleeping area for a guest or two?  Conceal the area by adding a curtain such as this one:
photos via: Houzz
These beds are not just made for two. Notice the pull-out bed near the floor.
And who say’s bunk beds are only for kids? Not all, right?  And if you’re not so keen on using the usual bunky board ladder, you can actually use stairs that double as drawers. Very creative!

Do you use a bunk bed or a regular bed?

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Beautiful Dining Table

Functional & Decorative: Dining Tables

I wish to have a dining room with a wide space because I’d love to move in a large table. A solid wood table would be nice! I also prefer a rectangular one, If space will allow but if I have to work with a smaller room, a square wooden table would be fine.

Expandable dining tables are wonderful for maximizing space and if you need to use the fixture for different purpose.  For example, it can function as a work station during the day and turn into a dining table for the whole family in the evening.  Or if you don’t need a big table for dining, it’s still great to have the option to expand when entertaining guests or when hosting a dinner party.
Below are gorgeous inspirations for dining room tables.  I think bench dining tables are beautiful! I want the lines to be clean and simple, without carvings or anything too complicated.  Notice the mismatched chairs from these photos, too!
photos via: Houzz
What’s your preferred shape or style of a dining table?

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Anthropologie June 2011 Catalog

Style Love: Anthropologie June 2011 Catalog

It has been a while since I featured Anthropologie on my blog. Have you seen their June catalog! It’s Luscious! It’s more than just a lookbook as it features a little of everything from different sections of the shop – from clothes to accessories and the home. Browsing at the catalog makes me want to live in a vineyard and invite friends over for an outdoor lunch. Love it!