Mismatched Dining Chairs

Functional & Decorative: Mismatched Dining Chairs

An interior decorating style that I love to incorporate in my home is the use of mismatched dining chairs on purpose. I think it’s a wonderful way to spice-up the overall look of the dining table and it lends a fun, fresh perspective to the room.

What’s great about this decorating technique is that you really don’t have to over-analyze, you just need to consider a few things.
For example, what kind of mismatching would you like to do?  You can choose chairs of different styles of the same color or the same type of upholstery or you may opt for chairs of the same kind in various prints and hues.

The size of the chairs can also be the mismatching factor. Or it can be the material.  You may choose to get a few upholstered dining chairsas well as non-upholstered ones.  Or you can mix traditional chairs with modern pieces.  The key is to find seats that will complement the theme that you’re aiming for.

The height of the chair is another important aspect.  Be sure that all the chairs match the height of your dining table and that you can sit comfortably as you dine.
I think mismatched dining chairs are perfect especially if you’re decorating on a budget.  You mighthave a particular chair in mind but not enough cash to buy all six for your table.  The thing is you cansplurge on one or two chairs that you really love and choose less expensive ones to complete the circle or rectangle or square.
Choosing which dining chairs would look good together doesn’t need to be difficult.  You can start by searching for inspirations online.  There are a lot of fabulous ones I’ve come across.
I’m sure ideas will flow as you take a look at these examples:
Would you like mismatched chairs for your dining room? 
Or do you want your dining chairs to match? 
Which one of these examples did you like most?
If you want your dining space (or your home) to be featured on my blog, please email me at theshopbug@yahoo.com.

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