Beautiful Dining Table

Functional & Decorative: Dining Tables

I wish to have a dining room with a wide space because I’d love to move in a large table. A solid wood table would be nice! I also prefer a rectangular one, If space will allow but if I have to work with a smaller room, a square wooden table would be fine.

Expandable dining tables are wonderful for maximizing space and if you need to use the fixture for different purpose.  For example, it can function as a work station during the day and turn into a dining table for the whole family in the evening.  Or if you don’t need a big table for dining, it’s still great to have the option to expand when entertaining guests or when hosting a dinner party.
Below are gorgeous inspirations for dining room tables.  I think bench dining tables are beautiful! I want the lines to be clean and simple, without carvings or anything too complicated.  Notice the mismatched chairs from these photos, too!
photos via: Houzz
What’s your preferred shape or style of a dining table?

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