shopping cart software

Top 10 Features of a Great Online Shopping Cart

Planning on getting a shopping cart for your online store? Here are top ten features you should look for in a shopping cart software:

shopping cart software1) Security. Need we ask more why this is number on the list? If your shopping cart is not secured, you will be putting at risk your shop and your customer’s safety. Make sure it comes with at least 128-bit SSL support to ensure security protection.

2) Ease of use. How many items can your shopping cart hold? A shopping cart that can hold large bulks of orders is more convenient.

3) Flexibility. What kinds of credit cards or payment gateways is it capable of? Is it limited to just one, two or a wide selection of gateways?

4) Real Time Shipping Status. Does it provide real time report of all deliveries from major carriers like FedEx or UPS? Customers should be able to check the progress of their shipments.

5) Import/Export Option. Does the cart provide you with the option to import or export customer orders at no extra cost of service?

6) Discount Options. Is the shopping cart capable of calculating promotional items? Is it capable of reading discount coupon codes, gift certificates and items on sale?

7) Newsletter. What about a newsletter? The best a shopping cart software in the market includes newsletter systems to help you keep in touch with your customers more easily.

8) Customization. Will you be able to customize the features according to your own preferences and needs? A cart that is easily customizable will make your tasks hassle-free.

9) Updated Statistic Reports. This particular feature will be a tremendous help in keeping track of your sales and marketing performance.

10) Customer Support. Lastly, make sure that the company provides reliable customer support 24/7 any time you may need assistance.


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