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Kitchen Remodeling Tips On A Budget

Want to remodel your kitchen but with limited cash? Here are top ten kitchen remodeling tips that will fit your budget.

kitchen inspiration

1. Be inspired. Look for inspirations online or in magazines. You don’t have to copy the exact same look and you can use cheaper materials than what was used in the model. But it will help you stay focused on one theme.

2. Repaint walls and old cabinets. Give your kitchen an instant make over by changing the wall colors. If you’re not sure what color works best for your kitchen, try to match it with your inspiration. Don’t be afraid to use colors that you never tried before. You can also ask the marketing supervisor of a home furnishing store for ideas or suggestions.

3. Complement. Find hues that complement your walls to paint your cabinets and shelves. If your cabinet has glass doors, why not try painting the inside of the cabinet with a color that will serve as graceful backdrop?

4. Explore Contrast. Creating a contrast can dramatically change the look of a space. Use the color wheel to discover hues that complement and contrast each other. Experiment by placing two different colors side by side and try out different combinations and see which one appeals to you most.

5. A Place for Everything. Put things in their proper places and arrange them according to their function. Place items that you often use in an area that you can easily reach and stack things that are seldom used in the upper shelves or cabinets. Use different kinds of storage that add appeal to your kitchen like fruit bowls and baskets. Just remember not to overdo it as to make your kitchen look cluttered.

6. Accentuate. Use pieces that have interesting shapes and use them to add warmth to your kitchen. If you have a collection of China or ceramic tea sets, place them on the shelves. Make sure there’s enough space in the area so the shelves do not look rigid or messy. Use plants, pots and greens to add freshness and vibrancy to your kitchen ambiance.

7. Change your sink. If your sink is old and stained, replace it with a new one. Stainless steel kitchen sinks will give your kitchen a clean and new look even if you do not change tiles and counter tops. Replacing your faucet will also make a big difference.

8. Add Texture. Adding texture to your countertops is also a cost-effective way to remodel your kitchen. It will give your space a new look even if you don’t redo the entire area. Try mixing different materials like granite, marble and wood to create texture.

9. Light up the room. Lighting fixtures with unique designs and shapes will certainly add elegance to any kitchen. Pendant lights and sconces will not only lighten up the kitchen but add a beautiful glow as well.

10. Clean and Polish. Give your kitchen a complete make over by cleaning up. Make your cabinets, drawers, stoves, countertops, ceiling and floors squeaky clean and your kitchen will surely be brighter and more inviting.

Do you have kitchen remodeling tips to share?  We’d love to hear it! Leave a comment :)


1. kitchen inspiration


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  1. Budgeting is the main factor in kitchen remodel process. There are various factor, which can make changes with old kitchen and add more beauty to home. Adding texture, Light up the room and Repaint walls and old cabinets are really great ideas to remodel a kitchen.

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