good posture

10 Tips to Improve Your Body Posture

Correct body posture is important in maintaining good health. Good posture helps our internal organs and nervous system function better. It also prevents muscle and bone diseases. Furthermore, good posture makes a big difference in enhancing physical appearance.

How to improve body posture? Here are ten tips:

good posture1) Straighten up. Whether standing or sitting, keep your back straight and feel your spine lengthen. Tuck your stomach in, bring your chest out and keep your shoulders back. Keep your head straight so your chin is at the same level with your shoulders. Try to relax and breathe in and out slowly.

When sitting, keep feet flat on the floor. When standing up, keep feet parallel so that your body weight is evenly distributed. This should be constantly practiced until you can maintain the same body position unconsciously. You should not feel any pain or pressure on your back.

2)Do muscles strengthening exercises. Lift light-weight dumbells as you stretch your arms sideways. This is a good exercise to improve posture. Make sure that you are keeping the correct body position and that there is no strain in your back.

3)Do stretches several times a day. This is especially important if your work requires sitting for long hours. Take short breaks by standing up, tilting your head to four directions and rolling your shoulders and your arms in circles. Reach up and stretch your arms, legs and body. Breathe in and breathe out slowly as you feel your whole body relax.

4)Remind yourself to straighten up. If you’re used to slouching, you may need something to keep your posture in check. Try associating one particular object to your posture. For instance, each time you see your watch, you should be reminded to straighten up or you can use post-it notes in front of your working table or computer as a reminder.

5)Bend your knees when you stoop. If you need to pick up an object from the floor or if you need to lift heavy objects, do not put strain on your back by forcing to reach the object. Instead, bend your needs slightly before reaching down.

6)Use a chair with the right height and back support. If your work requires you to sit for long hours, make sure that your chair is high enough so that your is feet flat on the floor. Choose a chair with a high back for support. You can also place a pillow behind your lower back to keep from slouching.

7)Use a table with the right height. A table that is too low or too high will cause you to lean too low or strain your back and will not help improve your posture.

8)Use a firm bed. A bed that is too soft does not help in keeping the back straight and relaxed. Do not use a pillow that is too high. Instead, use a pillow that provides just the right cushion to your head.

9)Get support from your friends and family. Your friends and your family members can keep you reminded about your posture. Ask them to remind you each time they see you slouching.

10)See a doctor. If you experience back pains when trying to straighten your back, see a doctor or an orthopedist to correct the problem right away.


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