The Beautiful Art of Recycling: Wood

Wood is an essential material which should be used with great care.  Found these beautiful collectibles which can be made out of wood scraps from fallen trees and broken branches or re-purposed from old, unwanted, wooden things.

For example, the wooden chandelier designed by Philip Hansen is made out of vintage coca-cola pallet, the white forest clock by virtual design lab is made from reclaimed birch trees, and the beaded wooden leaf earrings are made from materials that Laura Mazurek (designer/owner of roots and feathers) collected off the ground.

wooden collectiblesbeaded wooden leaf earrings: roots and feathers

birch forest clock: virtual design lab

letter holder: less and more

secret wood box: Greek artwooden ornamentslittle birds sitting in a nursery: theletteredlane

1960’s white distressed wooden bowl: heroux

tiger Ebony rectangle necklace: etco

wood letter monogram: theletteredlane

wooden thingsrain cloud, secret Belgian binding mini blank book: askida

tree branch wood spools: Carolyn’s homework

tiny wooden pet mobile phone speaker: someday rain

wooden tape dispenser: UGUisU

wooden artworkbone reather earrings with wood and jade beads: dirdybirdy

reclaimed wood pallet chandelier with 12 vintage trouble lights: Philip Hansen

geometric wood candlestick holders: Urban Analog

bird sculpture: folkybirdsandfish



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