Eight Fabulous Reasons Why I Buy and Wear Vintage Clothing

This post is republished on my new blog:  The Fashion Cat DiariesZooey Deschanel plaid vintage gown

I confess! I love wearing vintage and I enjoy shopping for vintage clothes.  I can spend hours, patiently rummaging through racks and piles of old clothes, in search for great vintage finds.  And once I found the ones that I want to take home, I feel good and I can’t wait to wear it, my style.

So here are my reasons why I buy and wear vintage outfits:

Never go out of style.  Classic vintage styles never fade away despite the coming and going of trends.  Also, fashion styles tend to repeat over the years so a certain style never completely fades away.  Read on…

Here is my favorite girl, Zooey Deschanel wearing a plaid vintage gown at the 2012 Writers Guild Awards.







  1. I have a fabulous vintage box purse that I love to wear. I got it at a little vintage store for a ridiculous price! The inside is a little worn but nobody ever really sees the inside of your purse.

    1. That’s so cool! I don’t mind buying vintage items with small flaws especially if it can be concealed or if it’s not visible at all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, bargaindiva 🙂

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