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Beautiful Vintage: Irresistibly Geek

I love accents of vintage tools in my work desk!  Of course, a vintage collectible should not only be decorative but functional as well.  Most of the items featured here are in good, working condition.

I think the hues work perfectly with each other: light blue, bluish green, yellow and metal.  These are the colors I would love for my work space.  Check out my picks!  Be sure to click on the links to read more details about each item and be directed to the seller.

beautiful vintage banner blue greenvintage office collectibles

Mid Century Pencil Sharpener  : LittleRedPolkaDots
Wire letter rack : LoveButlerVintage
Antique metal office stamp : SimonEtCie
Remington Antique Portable Typewriter : RhapsodyAttic

vintage office collectibleMid Century Wood Cabinet : Hindsvik
vintage office supply set: stapler, ruler, file, and file box :  thisvintagething
a set of 3 steel wire paper sorter trays : MolecularModern
rare Waterbury Eight Day office clock from the early 1900s :  TomLaurus

vintage retro office toolsvintage industrial heavy-duty by The Toledo Metal Furniture Company : cushionchicago
vintage teal Paymaster heavy duty check writer : PoetryofObjects
vintage card catalog cabinet : Hindsvik
vintage USSR school ruler from 1954 : agafrog

vintage office toolsvintage rotary phone : PassedBy
vintage industrial metal lamp : camelotia
Bates industrial vintage hole puncher : mooiebloem
vintage letterpress drawer with recycled wine corks : 4EyesAndEars

Which of these beautiful vintage things would you like for your home office?

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Top 10 Features of a Great Online Shopping Cart

Planning on getting a shopping cart for your online store? Here are top ten features you should look for in a shopping cart software:

shopping cart software1) Security. Need we ask more why this is number on the list? If your shopping cart is not secured, you will be putting at risk your shop and your customer’s safety. Make sure it comes with at least 128-bit SSL support to ensure security protection.

2) Ease of use. How many items can your shopping cart hold? A shopping cart that can hold large bulks of orders is more convenient.

3) Flexibility. What kinds of credit cards or payment gateways is it capable of? Is it limited to just one, two or a wide selection of gateways?

4) Real Time Shipping Status. Does it provide real time report of all deliveries from major carriers like FedEx or UPS? Customers should be able to check the progress of their shipments.

5) Import/Export Option. Does the cart provide you with the option to import or export customer orders at no extra cost of service?

6) Discount Options. Is the shopping cart capable of calculating promotional items? Is it capable of reading discount coupon codes, gift certificates and items on sale?

7) Newsletter. What about a newsletter? The best a shopping cart software in the market includes newsletter systems to help you keep in touch with your customers more easily.

8) Customization. Will you be able to customize the features according to your own preferences and needs? A cart that is easily customizable will make your tasks hassle-free.

9) Updated Statistic Reports. This particular feature will be a tremendous help in keeping track of your sales and marketing performance.

10) Customer Support. Lastly, make sure that the company provides reliable customer support 24/7 any time you may need assistance.

How Much Will a Car Repair Cost You?


Before going to an auto repair shop, you should already have a good idea as to how much a specific service (ex. oil change or brake job) would cost you.  Look for a reliable online resource that will provide you with a fair estimate on prices of auto repairs, parts, and labor. Hence, you can avoid shops or mechanics who are out to rip you off.

One such website is  From the website, you can find a local auto repair shop that offers the exact service you need and is nearest to your location.  For instance, if you live in Houston, you can simply type in your ZIP code and car make (ex. Acura TL) to get a list of Houston auto repair services.  You will also be able to read reviews and ratings from customers of each shop.

The website also provides a bulletin board where you can read tips and information on how to deal with common car problems.  You can also post your own question to get specific answers from master technicians. Lastly, you can store all information for all vehicles you own so it would be easy to keep track of all previous repairs and services. is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and has been given an A rating. For more information, check out the website.

Wish List: Silhouette SD

It would be so sweet to have a Silhouette SD next to my computer. I’ve actually never heard of it before until yesterday when I saw it at Oh, Hello Friend. . . this amazing tool that helps you make cuttable designs from vinyl, paper, cardboard, and more.
How I would love to create cupcake cups, scrapbook thingies, buntings, greeting cards and other pretties with it. Oh, I wish I could win the giveaway! And if you do too, you can also hop over Oh, Hello Friend to enter the giveaway.
 lovely paper tags, cupcake cups, boxes, and place card holders 
created using the Silhouette SD

Wish List: Canon rebel xsi DSLR Camera

Saving for this…



I am not savvy about gadgets but i’ve been reading reviews online on various brands and this is what I want.  (Here is a good review ) The Canon EOS Rebel xsi is said to be ideal for travellers becuase it’s small, light and easy to carry around; it has one-touch controls for quick manual settings; high ISO and image stabilization feature; and a large LCD for better viewing.
Check out the specs:
12 megapixel sensor
Compatible with all Canon EOS lenses
3.5 photos per second
ISO settings from 100 to 1600
Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second
1.6 times crop factor
Stores photos on SD memory cards
9-point autofocus system
Dust control system
3.0″ live view LCD
Enhanced dynamic range


I am aching for this badly but it is so expensive.  I love that I can use  it on Auto Mode and get fantastic photos while learning photography. But then all I really want is a camera that can shoot high-quality photos.  What do you think?  Does any of you have this cam?  And what do you suggest?  Thanks 🙂

Photographer Goodie by SheyB

Photographers and enthusiasts would be very excited about this new shop called SheyB. Check out the collection of camera straps in fabulous designs and patterns.  Get a $25 Gift Certificate to spend from the store if you head over at Cakies before Wednesday, March 17.


Photos from: SheyB
vintage car

3 Best Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage

Did you know that following these three steps can greatly improve your gas mileage?

vintage carDo regular car maintenance.  Keep your engine properly tuned and increase your gas mileage from 4% to as much as 40%.  Properly inflated tires can boost mileage by about 3% and prolongs the tire’s lifespan.  Use only your manufacturer’s recommended grade of motor oil and replace clogged air filters and water pump right away.

Watch your driving.  Check the speed limit.  Be more attentive on the road.  Anticipate traffic stops to avoid sudden breaks.  If you are going to be on a stop for a while, turn off the engine.  Use overdrive gears and cruise control when applicable.  Free your trunk from unnecessary load.

Buy an energy-saver car.  If you are going to buy a new car, consider a hybrid electric car or an alternative fuel vehicle.  Check out to see a list of fuel efficient vehicle models.  The website is supported by the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  Maintenance and money saving tips are also provided along with other useful tools for car owners.

vintage car