Colors of Spring: Mustard, Blue, Taupe and Pink

spring outfit

Which of these handmade things would you like to wear?

upcycled vintage 80s sundress with crochet flower applique : PomPomClothing
handmade agate beads earrings : daimblond
1960’s sun hat with bow back : jessjamesjake
eco-friendly sandals : Mohop
crochet handbag : Sudrishta

cross stitch kit by chez sucre chez

Top 10 Crafts That You Can Turn Into a Money-Making Hobby

If there’s a craft that you enjoy, have you thought about selling your creations to make money?  Sell your handmade creations online at Ebay, Etsy, Poppy Talk Handmade, Made It Myself, DaWanda, Art Fire, Buy Handmade and more.  Consider these ten crafts which can help you earn the extra money:

cross stitch kit by chez sucre chez

1. Knitting. With two knitting needles and a thread or yarn, you can make clothing or accessories with your own chosen colors, texture and designs. This can be done by hand or using a knitting machine.

2. Cross stitching. A craft I used to do myself. Cross-stitching uses a counted-thread embroidery, needle and thread in creating designs or patterns. All you have to do is form x’s on your fabric while following a design or pattern.

3. Crocheting. Instead of a needle, a hook is used to make loops connected to each other. There are different styles of loops used in a crochet to form different designs and shapes. Crocheting can be used to make table cloths, mittens, mufflers, bonnets, sweaters and clothes.

4. Scrapbooking. This craft is so popular today. It’s like making your personal diary using photos, souvenirs, letters, and decorative materials that are put together to make one ensemble in the form of a book or an album.

5. Candle Making. Making candles out of candle wax can also be an enjoyable craft. Today candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Scents and aromatic oils can also be used to make them extra special.

6. Jewelry Making. Jewelry making and beading is enjoying huge popularity today. All you need are pliers to cut and bend your wires. Swarovski crystals, beads, ceramic, silver, and metal are commonly used in place of the more expensive gold.

7. Quilting. Quilting is stitching together pieces of cloth either by hand or a sewing machine to create a bigger piece of fabric. Traditionally, quilts are made out of three layers of fabric, which usually differ in colors and designs giving the finished cloth a decorative and unique patched design. Quilts can be used as blanket, bed or seat covers.

8. Woodworking. Any method done to give a piece of wood design and function can be considered as woodworking craft such as carving or sculpting. Woodworking can be done to create boxes or storage, furniture, figurines and other art pieces.

9. Sewing. The art of sewing involves needle, thread and fabric to make bed sheets, table tops, rugs, upholstery, pillow cases, curtains and clothing. Sewing can either be done by hand or with a sewing machine.

10. Basket weaving.   This involves the use of natural materials from plant or vegetable fibers that are woven together to create baskets or bins. People who live in the countryside or rural places, where plant fibers are abundant are often into this craft. Woven baskets are classic pieces that are not only decorative but functional as well.


1. Cross Stitch Kit by Chez Sucre Chez

Shop of the Week: Mila Rose Designs

Shop of the Week: Mila Rose Designs

Hi everyone. I’m back again with another lovely interview for you all. Our featured handmade shop is Mila Rose Designs.  Melissa is the owner/designer of these pretty and fabulous hair ornaments and accessories.  Please read the interview below to find out how the business started, the challenges she faced, plus a few personal messages for fellow entrepreneurs, customers, and friends.  I have re-posted the complete interview here.  Thanks for reading 🙂
Mila Rose Designs
Shop of the Week Joom

Shop of the Week: Joom

I have featured one of Joom’s pillows last month on my post, beautiful blue things. Joom Klangsin graduated with a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts in Silpakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand.  Then in 1996 she studied graphic design at the Academy of Arts College, California.  She personally creates pouches, bags, pillows, print and artwork with bird designs from her home in San Francisco.

As our Shop of the Week, Joom is giving away one of her signature pouches to one commenter.  This lovely pink coral cotton canvas with a Cardinal on Agapanthus screen print.  You can read details on how to join after the interview.

What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

Joom is my nick name which is short and easy to remember.

Read the entire interview on Beautiful Handmade blog.

Yvette Inufio Photography and hotpinkchic

Happy Sunday: A Round Up of this Week’s Posts

Sorry this Sunday post is a bit late.  Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend.  Mine has been great:) Yesterday, I picked up two packages of goodies from the post office.  The first one contains nostalgic photography prints by Yvette Inufio which I won from her blog giveaway.  The second package contains five lovely hairpins from Bonnie Kanavin’s shop, hotpinkchick, which I won from Laura Trevey’s blog, Bright Bold & Beautiful.  Thanks so much for these, I’ll post some photos later:)
Here is a round-up for this week’s:
We started off our week with an interview, featuring Nikki Ainscow, owner/designer of Maneggi. Don’t forget that she is offering one of her necklaces to one commenter so if you still haven’t joined, you still have some time left before we choose the winner.
Have you seen the latest issue of Lonnymag? It features Rachel Ashwell, the Shabby Chic queen, giving some tips on how to find good buys from the Portobello market in London and a look inside her London apartment.
For the beautiful art of recycling segment, here are inspiring ideas on how to recycle old jars.
Last Friday, I started a new segment called Sweet & Lovely. If you love cakes like me, you will surely fall in love with Magpie’s Cake, a new cake shop owned by Maggie LaBaugh.
And speaking of recycled, here is a shop that beautifully designed pillows made from organic cotton and recycled moneybags called theshopbug and thanks to everyone who continues to support. Rest assured that I’m doing my best to make this blog worthy of your visit each time.  Take care and Happy Sunday to all!
Chakra Pennywhistle Handmade Pillows

Etsy Love: Chakra Pennywhistle, Organic, Recycled, Handmade

Chakra Pennywhistle is all about the recyled, organic and handmade.  Trikkianne and Ursula are the owners/designers who are determined to do their share in earth conservation by using eco-friendly materials.

I especially love the custom “circle the date” pillow made out of organic cotton.  The calendar month is cut from a vintage tea towel.  Visit their website or their Etsy shop here.  And you can also drop by their blog here.



Shop of the Week: Old New Again

Hello everyone, hope your weekend has been great.  Our Shop of the Week is none other than Old New Again.  Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this home based shop is owned by Rick and Elizabeth Duckhorn.
Their story is truly an inspiration especially for people who have lost their jobs and are planning to start  a small business.  Let’s meet this husband and wife team and listen to Liz as she talks about the steps involved in their creative process.
What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

First, we are a husband (Rick) and wife team (me, Liz).

We love old things with a fresh spin, like a fresh coat of pretty paint on a dingy wooden box.  My mom was an antique dealer when I was a child, and my dad has been a full-time artist ever since I can remember, really.  He’s made a nice living off his art, so I learned a lot about both creating and how to sell, too.  So maybe I mixed the “antique dealer” with the “artist” and that’s how I got “old with new”?  Hmmm…. I just figured that out!

Read the entire interview on Beautiful Handmade blog.