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Top Fashion Trend for the Skiing Holidays

Skiing holidays is almost here and fashion designers are gearing up in time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games (to be held in Vancouver).   Top trend forecast for skiers include longer and baggier jackets, zippers, plaids, and of course loud colors.
And just because you are not an athlete or a skier doesn’t mean you can’t follow the trend.  Ski jackets is a must to beat the cold weather in style and Ralph Lauren has a really cool ski gear collection such as the Racer Jacket in red, blue, black and yellow.
Marks and Spencer introduces a breatheable vest that uses the Merino wool thermal base layer system.  This natural elastic wool is odour- and perspiration-resistant and offers mobility and comfort.

Don’t forget these essential gears:  wool sweater, turtleneck, ski socks, thermal ong johns, neckwarmer, gloves, wool hat, boots and goggles.  Before buying your gear, make sure that you are comfortable to wear it and that it can provide you with sufficient warmth and protection on the slopes.

Sports apparel and gear that are made out of eco-friendly materials are also in for 2010.  From boots to ski suits, choose the ones that are environmentally-friendly and you’ll never go wrong.


Custom Embroidered Polo Shirts for Promotional Giveaways

For those who are looking for an online embroidery or silk-screening service, visit The shop offers a wide selection of shirt designs for men and women.  Other types of apparel (cap, jacket, fleece, pants, t-shirts) are also available.

ecustomwear is a company that is solely focused on creating custom embroidered polo shirtsand apparel. It does not offer printing for other corporate giveaway items like mugs, key chains, pens, etc. so you can be assured that you can get 100% high=quality print/embroidery for your orders.

For more information, sign up for their newsletter to get free expert tips, special offers and giveaways. You can also call their customer hotline at 866 800 5656 or send email to

What’s Your Mailing Address?

Mailboxixchange is offering a Sale and Free Shipping on some of its items. This online store sells mailboxes for both residential and commercial purposes, mailbox accessories and a selection of curbside decor.

Contemporary Numbers for Mail Boxes


Acrylic Plaque Mail Box Sign

Two Sided Arch Mailbox Sign

Check out the Rewards Point Program which gives customers the privilege to enjoy 5% off on their next purchase. The Gift Certificates are a great way to send a customizable gift to your family friends who may be moving a new place or have just bought a new house.

To ensure 10% customer satisfaction, you may return or exchange your purchase within 30 days if you are not happy with it. Visit the website to see the full range of products. If you need help on product information, you may call their Toll Free Number at (800) 448-2870.

Wine Glass and Bottle Racks Beautify Space

If there is one functional piece of decor which can add elegance to a kitchen, I think it is a wine glass and wine bottle rack. I think it doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small space, a few bottles of wine on display can really enlighten the ambiance of a kitchen or a dining room.

Here are some of my picks from of The shop offers the widest selection of high quality Stemware Rackson the market. Their extensive selection of unique wine openers and wine accessories are worth checking out as well.

27 Bottle Matte Black Wine Rack

Bordeaux 5-Bottle Metal Tabletop Wine Rack

Cavallo Wine and Stemware Floor Rack

Hanging Wine Glass Rack
Wooden Wine Table with Stemware Rack
If you would like to quote a request for an order, you can call their customer hotline at 1-800-448-2870 or fill out a quote request from their website. All orders are guaranteed with a 30-day Return Guarantee.

Wall Organizer Must-Haves for the Home and Office

Are you looking for items to organize your stuff? Hang it up on the wall, save more space, and decorate your home or office with these cool finds:

Forget Me Not Wall Organizers and Wandregal Wallflower Weis
from: Design-3000

Uten.silo by Dorothy Becker at


Loop de Loop Lace Shelf ; Shower Caddy
Birdcage Wall Jewelry Holder ; Honeycomb Bracket
Key Hook
All from: Urban Outfitters’ Apartment Decor

Cubby Wall Organizer and Kitchen Spice Rack
from: Pottery Barn

Bird Paperclip Magnet ; Toilet Man Scotch Tape Holder
Sink Paperclip Holder ; Tulips Hub

All from:

mesh letter organizer ; fabric wall organizer
scarf hanger ; closet organizer

All from: The Container Store


unclutter your home with hanging organizers
All from: Stacks and Stacks


1. Centipede Organizer by Adam Und Harborth 2. Tree Hooked by Jan Habraken and AlissiaMT
3. Studio Organizer by Joe Colombo 4. Mountable Wine Rack by Blomus
5. Storyline Wall Shelving bystudio Frederick Roije 6. Modern Wall Bike Rack by Andrew Lang
All from: Nova68.c0m

Modern Organizer Pieces for the Wall
All from:



Graphix Wall Organizer from Madison Art Shop


Check out this DIY Project:
A Wall Organizer Made Out of Repurposed Cans
via: Green Upgrader

Which one of these pieces do you like?

Tips on Buying Golf Equipment and Accessories

If you are a golf player or a golf enthusiast, here are some tip on buying equipment and accessories:


Clubs are the most important equipment in Golf so you want to make sure that you will be using the right tools for your game. Golf clubs come in varying shapes, sizes and functionality. Drivers, Woods, Irons, Wedges, and Putters are used for different situations and strategies. If you are a beginner, here are some tips on which golf club you need.

Golf Balls.
The branded ones are considered to be the best quality golf balls but they’re also the most expensive. If you are a beginner, second golf balls will save you money.

Golfer shoes are made in a distinct way to provide comfort and support for golfers. When choosing shoes, it is very important to find the right fit so you can walk your course and deliver your swings with ease. Here is a guide on buying golf shoes.


Gloves are essential for a steady grip so you can deliver your swing perfectly. Here is a golf website to help you compare prices of gloves and other golf equipment from different shops online.

A golf bag is necessary to keep all your equipment organized and easy to carry. Golf bags are made of different sizes, styles and materials. Check out the different types of golf bags you can buy from different manufacturers.


How to Save Costs from Your Cable TV Subscription

Is it possible to save money from Cable TV costs without giving up your subscription completely? Here are some tips:


1. Compare prices. Even when one offer seems great, check out what other packages are available from at least two or three cable service providers.

2. Get a package deal. Many cable operators offer bundled services. For instance, internet and telephone services may be included as well. Check the price for their combo deal and see if you can save more money.

3. Check out Satellite TV companies. Don’t forget to see what satellite TV companies since they usually offer cheaper deals.

4. Subscribe to a lower cable plan. Do you really need more than 100 channels on your TV? Choose the plan that not only fits your budget but your lifestyle too. Make sure that the channels included in the package are the ones you really watch.

5. Cut back pay-per-view and video on demand services. Pay-per-view costs can really add up on your monthly bill so this is where you want to make some adjustments.

6. Find cheaper viewing alternatives. You can actually watch movies and sitcom episodes from the internet at a much cheaper cost.

7. Ask your cable operator for a discount. It is always worth the try to call the cable company and ask if they can give you a cheaper flat rate. Do your research and point out what other providers offer. If you have been a good paying customer, the company may grant your request.