Home Interior Inspiration: Inexpensive and Unconventional Headboards

Loving these fun, easy-to-make, inexpensive, and unconventional headboard ideas from BHG. Click here to see all thirty-two headboards. Here are a few of my favorites:

window panel headboardsTwo single window panels were up-cycled and embellished with fabric to create a not-so-typical headboard.

vintage feed sack headboardThis headboard is covered with a large vintage feed sack stabled at the back of a plywood.

large picture frames headboardThree large photo frames from the thrift shop is turned into a headboard by removing the glass and framing an inexpensive fabric.

fireplace screen headboardGuess what these were!  A fireplace screen that’s been repainted and finished with a sealant, attached to the wall.

curtain headboardAttach curtain panels the wall and choose a curtain to hung! Instant headboard!

plain wood headboardA plain piece of plywood is sanded, stained, and sealed to create a modern headboard.

painted headboardDid you say you’re an artist? Paint your own headboard with a stencil or just your imagination!

Which of these DIY headboard inspirations would you like to try?

Yvette Inufio Photography and hotpinkchic

Happy Sunday: A Round Up of this Week’s Posts

Sorry this Sunday post is a bit late.  Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend.  Mine has been great:) Yesterday, I picked up two packages of goodies from the post office.  The first one contains nostalgic photography prints by Yvette Inufio which I won from her blog giveaway.  The second package contains five lovely hairpins from Bonnie Kanavin’s shop, hotpinkchick, which I won from Laura Trevey’s blog, Bright Bold & Beautiful.  Thanks so much for these, I’ll post some photos later:)
Here is a round-up for this week’s:
We started off our week with an interview, featuring Nikki Ainscow, owner/designer of Maneggi. Don’t forget that she is offering one of her necklaces to one commenter so if you still haven’t joined, you still have some time left before we choose the winner.
Have you seen the latest issue of Lonnymag? It features Rachel Ashwell, the Shabby Chic queen, giving some tips on how to find good buys from the Portobello market in London and a look inside her London apartment.
For the beautiful art of recycling segment, here are inspiring ideas on how to recycle old jars.
Last Friday, I started a new segment called Sweet & Lovely. If you love cakes like me, you will surely fall in love with Magpie’s Cake, a new cake shop owned by Maggie LaBaugh.
And speaking of recycled, here is a shop that beautifully designed pillows made from organic cotton and recycled moneybags called theshopbug and thanks to everyone who continues to support. Rest assured that I’m doing my best to make this blog worthy of your visit each time.  Take care and Happy Sunday to all!
Chakra Pennywhistle Handmade Pillows

Etsy Love: Chakra Pennywhistle, Organic, Recycled, Handmade

Chakra Pennywhistle is all about the recyled, organic and handmade.  Trikkianne and Ursula are the owners/designers who are determined to do their share in earth conservation by using eco-friendly materials.

I especially love the custom “circle the date” pillow made out of organic cotton.  The calendar month is cut from a vintage tea towel.  Visit their website or their Etsy shop here.  And you can also drop by their blog here.



Recycling Jars

The Beautiful Art of Recycling: Jars

Last week, I posted about recycled jars, with some stunning photos to inspire.  Today, I have put together more ideas on the beautiful art of recycling jars.   If you’re wondering what you can do with them, scroll down and discover more wonderful things that can be made out of old jars.

All photos via: flickr (pls click on each photo to view source)
Storage for jams, marmalade, pickles and other homemade preserves.
How cute are these little packages of sweets placed inside used spread bottles and baby food jars.  If you plan to re-use jars as food storage, don’t forget to sterilize them in boiling water.  Here’s a guide on how to sterilize jars.
Storage for grains, spice and other dry goods.

Sewing kit + Pin Cushion

I love this idea of turning a simple jar into a fun, functional piece.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make this project.
Organize clutter with jars.

Jars can be the perfect tools to organize small items or craft accessories in the kitchen or in your home office. Buttons, pens, pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, hair clips, scroonchies, rubber bands, paper clips, and the list goes on.  Click here for instructions on how to decorate jar containers.

Photo Frames
What a brilliant way to display your favorite photos!
Candle Holders
Jars can be used to hold candles and tea lights. Place them atop a desk or table or hang them as lanterns.  Very cheap, practical, elegant and the perfect decor for a green wedding.  Click here for a video tutorial  how to make a stunning, eco-friendly outdoor chandelier using recycled jars by Michelle Kauffman- an architect specializing in sustainable design. Here is a tutorial on how to create frosted luminettes out of baby food jars.  Here is how to hanging make candle lanterns.
Bath Essentials Containers 
Beautify your bathroom with jars filled with scrubs and bath essentials. Add a touch of whimsy in your laundry room with jars filled with powdered soap.


Embellished jars are a great way to decorate any room.  Check out this tutorial by Design Sponge on how to decorate jar lids.
Some facts about jar recycling:
In the US alone, people throw out recyclable jars and bottles each month, enough to fill a skyscraper. (source)
In the UK, people throw out about 330 jars and bottles each year. (source)
Glass can be recycled forever. (source)
It can take 4000 years for a glass to decompose in a landfill. (source)
Here is a fun and educational website for kids and grown-ups that teaches the importance of recycling glass.

The number to call for state recycling information:              1-800-CLEANUP 

Fabulous Flea Market Finds: Jars

They are humble flea market finds but they are wonderful!  Old jars are one of the easiest objects to recycle and very versatile too! From a simple vase to hold your favorite flowers at home to an elegant table setting decor for a wedding; from a functional container to organize your clutter in the office to brilliant pieces of storage for your sweets and goodies in the kitchen.

What else can you make out of old jars? tea light candle holders, hanging lanterns, terrariums, shelf organizers… Indeed, the possibilities are endless!  Remember these recycled jar vases from Old New Again?  It takes just a bit of inspiration to find a fabulous new use for old jars.  And you don’t even need to scour flea markets to find them. You can start your own collection of jars instead of throwing them away to the junkyard.  I found these inspiring photos of old jars turned into something beautiful from weheartit(You can click on each photo to view the source).

Fabulous Flea Market Finds: Window Shutters

I love recycled things and I love flea market so I’m starting this new segment which I’ll call “Fabulous Flea Market Finds”. I found these inspiring interior design ideas which makes use of old window shutters recycled into wall decor, mood board, divider or fabulous accents for the home. Which idea would you like for your home?
(please click on each photo to view source)
via: bhg

Functional & Decorative: Up-Cycled, Eco-Friendly Organizers

I love organizers! They make life easier, they add life to a room, and they give us more space to move in.  Today, I put together a selection of functional, decorative pieces that can be used to organize clutter. These pieces are handmade, upcycled or recycled, and eco-friendly – which makes them even more special.

These stitched wire sculptures are created by bird from a wire. That birdcage wire frame is so cute, don’t you think?  Those of you who love to sew might use it to hang ribbons or fabric scraps. I would love to hang my hubby’s neckties there alongside photos and postcards or notes. (The 2 wooden clothespins are included set.)

I love these wall organizers from post road vintage! The cool thing is that each one has been put together using recycled materials like mason jars, tin cans, salvaged metals, etc. They certainly would make any space more interesting!  If you hurry, there is a giveaway on her blog right now.

These creative storage bins are from sewing momma‘s shop.  They are made from felt fabric produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The pretty flower embellishments are created from fabric scraps.  Perfect bins to dump in your magazines, shoes, craft supplies, toys, and thingabobs!

Loving these burlap message board, journal, and bookends from next door to heaven.  I can imagine those bookends with my favorite books on a white or neutral shelf.  So lovely!

This shop called bowenism is all about felted pottery made out of wool fabric.  These fuzzy vessels  would look fabulous by the window or on a shelf to contain small items or potpourri.

I want these French script clothes pins from The Shabby Chic Cottage.  The bird tea light holder and pin cushion are adorable as well.  And so is that ivory lamp shade with French scripts.

These soft, fuzzy bowls are from Valeries Gallery.  They were stitched or crocheted from wool yarn, processed through the washing machine, shaped and hung dry.

Midwest Finds is all about upcycled and recycled vintage jars.  I love the jar liquid soap dispenser.  I can imagine it inside a simple white bathroom.  And the half-pint jar spoon rest, isn’t it so creative?  The natural blue tinge of these Ball jars would look perfect against a white or gray background.  Combine it with a colored accessory and the glass will reflect the colored light.
Oh, how I would love to take home even just one or two item from each shop. What about you? Which one   did you like?