Dresses from UO

Wish List: Dresses from UO

There’s a big dress sale at UO!  Here are my picks:








photos via: UO
Tiffany & Co Jewelry

Wish List: Tiffany & Co.

Vintage Jewelry by Tiffany & Co.
on sale here now.
Embellished Handbag

Wish List: Embellished Handbag

If I had to choose between a clutch and a big bag, i’d choose a big bag anytime, unless of course, I’m wearing an evening gown. Yes, I do have lots of stuff to carry most of the time, and I love, love, love oversize bags that are soft, light and comfortable to carry.

I especially like this Greta Kisslock Satchel by Nila Anthony.
large embellished handbag
Isn’t this yummy?
Found here.

Wish List: Boho Jackets & Sweaters

I wish I could go on a weekend getaway!
Loving these boho jackets & sweaters from fp.

Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend 🙂

Wish List: Vintage Purses & Clutches

How gorgeous are these purses and clutches! 
 vintage purses
vintage clutches