Summer Travel: Ready for the Beach?

Summer months are almost here! The beach waves are calling out to me! Last year was an incomparable summer and how I wish we could all be back again in Boracay!  Just a few more beach outings and I know I’ll learn how to swim.

A week-long vacation by the coast would be fantastic; to wake up by the shore in time for the sunrise; to breathe in fresh air; to run with our dogs by the shore; to feast on freshly-caught fish and shell fishes grilled on the coals; a tall glass of iced lemonade; to sit on the sand under the shades of a palm tree; to walk bare feet on the powdery sand; ahhh, simple pleasures that I imagine.

What are you summer plans?  Wouldn’t it be nice to just pack your bags and go?

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The Beautiful Island of Boracay

The beautiful island of Boracay is located in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines.  The island can be found at the northwest end of Panay Island and is a part of Aklan province.  Boracay is best known for its powdery, white beach sands which for many travelers is the “best in the world”.

boracay islandThe two most popular beaches in Bora are the White Beach and the Bulabog Beach.  West of the island is the White Beach, which is the main tourist destination.  It is about four kilometers long and is lined with hotels, resorts, lodging houses, restaurants and other business establishments.

boracay islandFacing east is the Bulabog Beach, a favorite spot for the adventurous where you can enjoy windsurfing and kiteboarding.

boracay island

Travel & Leisure magazine names Boracay as one (4th) of the Top 10 Best Islands in the World for 2011.

boracay islandA visit to Bora is not at all cheap. You should save-up a considerable budget to make most out your trip but it is definitely worth the splurge!

On the island, you can enjoy fun and excitement from a wide range of activities: such as snorkeling, diving, helmet-diving, banana-boat ride, jet skiing, boating, sailing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and para-sailing.

boracay island

The island literally does not sleep at night and you can eat, drink, dance and party until the wee hours of the morning at the Beachfront. If you just want some quiet time to relax and unwind, you can take walks along the beach, wait for the sunrise or watch the sunset.

boracay boracay


Are you planning a trip to Boracay? If yes, these travel tips will come in handy:

1. Book your airline ticket online and make online hotel reservations a few months in advance and avail of special promos.

Check out to find all the best hotel sites in Boracay, in one place.

2. Visit the island during off-peak season when prices are cheaper on almost almost everything including airline tickets, accommodation, food, souvenirs, etc.

3. There are plenty of shops and restaurants outside, just a few walks away from the Beachfront where everything is priced cheaper.

4.  Even if you plan to stay in Boracay for a few days, you don’t need to bring lots of clothes as you can buy swimsuits, shorts, and tee-shirts right from the island.

5. Haggling is encouraged to get discounts from vendors and from locals who are offering island activities.


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Have you  been to Boracay?

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The Voice of the Sea by Yvette Inufio

I do long to pack a suitcase and spend a few days by the beach… walk barefoot on a powdery white shore, watch the sunrise, and enjoy the peaceful reverberation of the sea.

The photo above is by Yvette Inufio.  Her work is featured in today’s Etsy Finds and one of these days I will be posting more of her photography.  I just love them.  But for now, I need to run so I’m leaving you with this inspiration.  Oh, and if you haven’t yet joined the giveaways, you can still enter.  The Tempting Tart giveaway ends this Sunday and the iloveyou necklace by Sigma Jewelry ends on the 29th.

I Wish We Were at Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach

Summer is about to be over.
I wish we spent summer somewhere far and exciting, like here:

I have never ever experienced staying in a first-class hotel.
Have you?
To have a view from your room like this.

And to have breakfast served in bed.

I’m in the middle of work
my daydreams are made of these….

The Grande Shores Resort is a popular resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina . Bedroom condominiums and hotel rooms are available for families and groups with different packages to suit your budget. Enjoy swimming in the luxurious pools by the beach, be amazed by the largest collection of sharks at Ripley’s Aquarium, become a wine expert at La Belle Amie Vineyard or try out your golfing skills at one of its 100 golf courses.

For reservations, call their toll-free number in US and Canada at 1-877-798-4074 or check out their website.