Home Interior Inspiration: Inexpensive and Unconventional Headboards

Loving these fun, easy-to-make, inexpensive, and unconventional headboard ideas from BHG. Click here to see all thirty-two headboards. Here are a few of my favorites:

window panel headboardsTwo single window panels were up-cycled and embellished with fabric to create a not-so-typical headboard.

vintage feed sack headboardThis headboard is covered with a large vintage feed sack stabled at the back of a plywood.

large picture frames headboardThree large photo frames from the thrift shop is turned into a headboard by removing the glass and framing an inexpensive fabric.

fireplace screen headboardGuess what these were!  A fireplace screen that’s been repainted and finished with a sealant, attached to the wall.

curtain headboardAttach curtain panels the wall and choose a curtain to hung! Instant headboard!

plain wood headboardA plain piece of plywood is sanded, stained, and sealed to create a modern headboard.

painted headboardDid you say you’re an artist? Paint your own headboard with a stencil or just your imagination!

Which of these DIY headboard inspirations would you like to try?

Bunk Beds

Functional & Decorative: Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are perfect space savers.  With a little imagination, you can utilize every possible corner to make it not just functional, but decorative as well.  I’ve gathered a couple of inspirations online featuring bunk beds that are used creatively.  Take a look:

Consider the theme of the room.  For little girls, pink and floral accents are a favorite while young boys usually like blue, green and sporty stuff.  Add spunk and fun to your children’s room with these playful ideas. Aside from a ladder, you may incorporate a mini-slide for going down.
For big families, wood bunk beds are ideal for maximizing space.  You can combine up to 4 bunks adjacent the wall to free up more flooring space in the room.  You can even use the extra bottom space for storage by including pull-out drawers.

If you don’t have to share the room with anyone, the bunk style is still great to make do with a small room.  I  love this idea of using the bottom space not as a bed but as additional storage and work station simply by adding compartments, storage boxes, and a work table.

If you usually need to accommodate a number of guests in your home, you can make the most out of the guest room by using a double deck bed instead of just one.
Is there unused space in the living room?  Why not add a discreet sleeping area for a guest or two?  Conceal the area by adding a curtain such as this one:
photos via: Houzz
These beds are not just made for two. Notice the pull-out bed near the floor.
And who say’s bunk beds are only for kids? Not all, right?  And if you’re not so keen on using the usual bunky board ladder, you can actually use stairs that double as drawers. Very creative!

Do you use a bunk bed or a regular bed?

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I Feel Like Going to Bed Today

Today was a lazy day. I feel like not going anywhere and just staying in my bed. After doing my work, I looked around bedroom designs that I love. These are my finds:

photo from: HGTV
(designer: Andreas Charalambous

This contemporary bedroom makes use of a Japanese-inspired bed and a Nelson bench with very minimal accessories. This design is very relaxing though I would have liked the chair to have a rich color.

Photo from: Fresh Home

This bedroom is gorgeous. It’s breezy and calming. Love that ball of light and the breakfast table on the rug. Wouldn’t mind adding just a touch of color or an oversized black and white photo on the wall. I might also change the beige bedding into yellow or white. But I love the layout of this room. So spacious!

South Shore Furniture Cosmos Black Platform Bed

I’m not usually into dark tones when it comes to the bedroom (or any room of the house I guess) but the black and red coordination in this room caught my eye. The lines are simple and defined and the bold color of the pieces perfectly bring life to the pale walls and floors.



This one is an adorable bed. I’m not too crazy about canopy beds but this is one is subtle. Love the colors and the floral / stripe accents on the bedding. Love the accessory and the chandelier isn’t too overwhelming. The green walls work with the dainty white bed. I really like this bedroom. It’s so fresh and calming.


Fashion Bed Group Casey Daybed
by bedroomfurnituremart

I like this daybed because it looks neat and functional too. This would work for smaller bedrooms or even in the living room or in any empty space in the house, especially if you need additional storage.

Photo from: Remodeling My Space

Another contemporary bedroom with funky simplicity. Notice that light fixture on the ceiling? This room uses very simple lines and light shades of beige for calmness. That flat screen wall TV sure didn’t hurt.