Bunk Beds

Functional & Decorative: Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are perfect space savers.  With a little imagination, you can utilize every possible corner to make it not just functional, but decorative as well.  I’ve gathered a couple of inspirations online featuring bunk beds that are used creatively.  Take a look:

Consider the theme of the room.  For little girls, pink and floral accents are a favorite while young boys usually like blue, green and sporty stuff.  Add spunk and fun to your children’s room with these playful ideas. Aside from a ladder, you may incorporate a mini-slide for going down.
For big families, wood bunk beds are ideal for maximizing space.  You can combine up to 4 bunks adjacent the wall to free up more flooring space in the room.  You can even use the extra bottom space for storage by including pull-out drawers.

If you don’t have to share the room with anyone, the bunk style is still great to make do with a small room.  I  love this idea of using the bottom space not as a bed but as additional storage and work station simply by adding compartments, storage boxes, and a work table.

If you usually need to accommodate a number of guests in your home, you can make the most out of the guest room by using a double deck bed instead of just one.
Is there unused space in the living room?  Why not add a discreet sleeping area for a guest or two?  Conceal the area by adding a curtain such as this one:
photos via: Houzz
These beds are not just made for two. Notice the pull-out bed near the floor.
And who say’s bunk beds are only for kids? Not all, right?  And if you’re not so keen on using the usual bunky board ladder, you can actually use stairs that double as drawers. Very creative!

Do you use a bunk bed or a regular bed?

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Beautiful Dining Table

Functional & Decorative: Dining Tables

I wish to have a dining room with a wide space because I’d love to move in a large table. A solid wood table would be nice! I also prefer a rectangular one, If space will allow but if I have to work with a smaller room, a square wooden table would be fine.

Expandable dining tables are wonderful for maximizing space and if you need to use the fixture for different purpose.  For example, it can function as a work station during the day and turn into a dining table for the whole family in the evening.  Or if you don’t need a big table for dining, it’s still great to have the option to expand when entertaining guests or when hosting a dinner party.
Below are gorgeous inspirations for dining room tables.  I think bench dining tables are beautiful! I want the lines to be clean and simple, without carvings or anything too complicated.  Notice the mismatched chairs from these photos, too!
photos via: Houzz
What’s your preferred shape or style of a dining table?

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Mismatched Dining Chairs

Functional & Decorative: Mismatched Dining Chairs

An interior decorating style that I love to incorporate in my home is the use of mismatched dining chairs on purpose. I think it’s a wonderful way to spice-up the overall look of the dining table and it lends a fun, fresh perspective to the room.

What’s great about this decorating technique is that you really don’t have to over-analyze, you just need to consider a few things.
For example, what kind of mismatching would you like to do?  You can choose chairs of different styles of the same color or the same type of upholstery or you may opt for chairs of the same kind in various prints and hues.

The size of the chairs can also be the mismatching factor. Or it can be the material.  You may choose to get a few upholstered dining chairsas well as non-upholstered ones.  Or you can mix traditional chairs with modern pieces.  The key is to find seats that will complement the theme that you’re aiming for.

The height of the chair is another important aspect.  Be sure that all the chairs match the height of your dining table and that you can sit comfortably as you dine.
I think mismatched dining chairs are perfect especially if you’re decorating on a budget.  You mighthave a particular chair in mind but not enough cash to buy all six for your table.  The thing is you cansplurge on one or two chairs that you really love and choose less expensive ones to complete the circle or rectangle or square.
Choosing which dining chairs would look good together doesn’t need to be difficult.  You can start by searching for inspirations online.  There are a lot of fabulous ones I’ve come across.
I’m sure ideas will flow as you take a look at these examples:
Would you like mismatched chairs for your dining room? 
Or do you want your dining chairs to match? 
Which one of these examples did you like most?
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Functional & Decorative: Computer Desks

I’m planning to buy a new computer desk and I’ve been looking for some ideas. The desk I’m using now has an overhead shelf and has been designed to hold VGA monitors. It takes up a lot of space and not very pretty.  For my work station, I just want a simple table that will not break my budget. Do you have any suggestions?
Pottery Barn traditional home office
white office modern home office
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Kitchen Cart

Functional and Decorative: Kitchen Carts and Kitchen Islands

My dream kitchen is one that is designed with built-in organizers.  If I can have it my way, I like the exterior of the cabinets and drawers to be made out of wood but the interior, made out of stainless steel so that it would be easier to clean and keep tidy.
I tend to collect a lot of clutter so I need plenty of storage to keep things out of sight and organized.   It would be great to have a large kitchen but since we live in an apartment with limited space, I’m looking for inspirations on how I can use every square meter of our kitchen efficiently.
I’ve been searching online for ideas and I love how kitchen carts and small kitchen islands can provide that extra place for cooking utensils, condiments, wine bottles, cook books, and décor.
I really like the new designs of kitchen islands where they have incorporated countertops, cabinets, and adjustable shelves into one piece of furniture so that there are more options as to how you can use it or what kinds of things to put in.   As for me, I want my kitchen island to have a customized area for my dog’s feeding bowls and for books.
I think a rolling kitchen cart (with locking casters, of course) would be great because you can transport it easily to the dining room or living room when entertaining guests.  I looove coffee and so do many of my friends and I wish we have a kitchen cart where I can put in all our coffee (and tea) supplies so that these can have their own separate counter.  Thus, everything you need to make a wonderful cup of coffee are all in one place.  Wouldn’t it be nice?  Below are more inspirations:
Planter Detail contemporary kitchen
kitchen eclectic kitchen
Lucass Loft modern entry
Michigan farmhouse eclectic
hhbradys ideabook kitchen eclectic kitchen
Do you have a kitchen cart or kitchen island in your home?  If yes, would you like to share a photo of how you use it as a functional and decorative piece? Do you want to share some tips as to how these pieces can be used creatively?

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Home Interior Inspiration: By The Beach from Pottery Barn

Have you checked out Pottery Barn today?  There is a Summer Sale going on and free shipping on some items.  I love the beach-theme of the displays!  These are some of my faves:
If you haven’t entered the giveaway, you have until Sunday to join and win a beautiful Word Art Vinyl Wall Decal by Single Stone Studios.

Wish List: Martha’s Vineyard Chest at Somerset Bay

I have a huge crush on this beautiful chest! I saw it at Paysage and I found it at  Somerset Bay.  I cannot get it off my mind! Oh, if only i can have it!