Beautiful Vintage: In Shades of Yellow

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yellow vintage

Here are my beautiful vintage picks for this week:
Victorian style 70s phone in yellow with floral and gold accent via
hoot and eye;
Art Deco sugar bowl in sunny yellow with black and white combination via tessiemay;
vintage Astro Label maker gun in mustard yellow with white trigger.Uses standard 3/8”dyno embossing tape and is in great working condition via rainy day story vintage;
A set of vintage Books in zesty shades of yellow via the loose goose:

Twelve Girls in the Garden – Copyright 1957
Inscribed on the back inside cover.
Best Loved Books For Young Readers – Copyright 1968
Webster’s New Standard Dictionary – Copyright 1969
Fondue, Chafing Dish and Casserole Cookery – Copyright 1969
The Limner – Copyright 1975
American Spirit – Copyright 1984 First Edition!


Wish List: Canon rebel xsi DSLR Camera

Saving for this…



I am not savvy about gadgets but i’ve been reading reviews online on various brands and this is what I want.  (Here is a good review ) The Canon EOS Rebel xsi is said to be ideal for travellers becuase it’s small, light and easy to carry around; it has one-touch controls for quick manual settings; high ISO and image stabilization feature; and a large LCD for better viewing.
Check out the specs:
12 megapixel sensor
Compatible with all Canon EOS lenses
3.5 photos per second
ISO settings from 100 to 1600
Maximum shutter speed of 1/4000th of a second
1.6 times crop factor
Stores photos on SD memory cards
9-point autofocus system
Dust control system
3.0″ live view LCD
Enhanced dynamic range


I am aching for this badly but it is so expensive.  I love that I can use  it on Auto Mode and get fantastic photos while learning photography. But then all I really want is a camera that can shoot high-quality photos.  What do you think?  Does any of you have this cam?  And what do you suggest?  Thanks 🙂

10 Tips On Buying Cellular Phones

Here are top ten tips that you must remember when buying a cellular or a mobile phone:
1. Ask for recommendations. When it comes to carrier services, you can’t just rely on ads. All carriers claim they’re the best. Ask around from your family, friends or read online reviews and forums about the quality of the service they get from the carrier they’re subscribed to.2. Long battery life. A reliable cell phone is one that has a long battery life. Don’t forget to check this feature especially the phone’s “talk time”.

3. Hands-free function. This is important especially when you’re driving a car. But remember, don’t get in the habit of talking on your cell phone while driving. If you must take a call, always use the hands-free function.

4. Personally check the unit. There are hundreds of cell phone units in the market today and all of them boasts of convenience and functionality. But you can only make a good judgment when you personally try out the features yourself.

5. Clarity of speakers. Make sure that the speakers of the cell phone unit transmits clear and easily audible sound.

6. Check the contract. If you’re going to buy a free cellular phone included in a carrier’s package, check the terms and conditions.

7. Go with an unlocked phone. If you’re a frequent traveller, an unlocked phone will give you more flexibility since you can use it with different GSM-compatible carriers anywhere in the world.

8. Buy in bulk. If you’re planning to buy cell phones for each member of you family, find a family plan package to enjoy more savings.

9. Check the bandwidth. Very important for travelers. See to it that the mobile phone is capable of receiving coverage anywhere you go.

10. Buy one with a money-back guarantee. After you bought your phone, use it to the max to test its durability and check all its functions. If you’re not satisfied, then you can return it before the warranty expires.

*What’s your own tip?