Pretty Perfume Jars

Pretty Perfume Jars

Sharing some photos I took while trying out the different functions of the cam. These little perfume jars are so lovely, don’t you think? Have a great weekend!
photos: theshopbug
Recycling Jars

The Beautiful Art of Recycling: Jars

Last week, I posted about recycled jars, with some stunning photos to inspire.  Today, I have put together more ideas on the beautiful art of recycling jars.   If you’re wondering what you can do with them, scroll down and discover more wonderful things that can be made out of old jars.

All photos via: flickr (pls click on each photo to view source)
Storage for jams, marmalade, pickles and other homemade preserves.
How cute are these little packages of sweets placed inside used spread bottles and baby food jars.  If you plan to re-use jars as food storage, don’t forget to sterilize them in boiling water.  Here’s a guide on how to sterilize jars.
Storage for grains, spice and other dry goods.

Sewing kit + Pin Cushion

I love this idea of turning a simple jar into a fun, functional piece.  Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make this project.
Organize clutter with jars.

Jars can be the perfect tools to organize small items or craft accessories in the kitchen or in your home office. Buttons, pens, pencils, scissors, paintbrushes, hair clips, scroonchies, rubber bands, paper clips, and the list goes on.  Click here for instructions on how to decorate jar containers.

Photo Frames
What a brilliant way to display your favorite photos!
Candle Holders
Jars can be used to hold candles and tea lights. Place them atop a desk or table or hang them as lanterns.  Very cheap, practical, elegant and the perfect decor for a green wedding.  Click here for a video tutorial  how to make a stunning, eco-friendly outdoor chandelier using recycled jars by Michelle Kauffman- an architect specializing in sustainable design. Here is a tutorial on how to create frosted luminettes out of baby food jars.  Here is how to hanging make candle lanterns.
Bath Essentials Containers 
Beautify your bathroom with jars filled with scrubs and bath essentials. Add a touch of whimsy in your laundry room with jars filled with powdered soap.


Embellished jars are a great way to decorate any room.  Check out this tutorial by Design Sponge on how to decorate jar lids.
Some facts about jar recycling:
In the US alone, people throw out recyclable jars and bottles each month, enough to fill a skyscraper. (source)
In the UK, people throw out about 330 jars and bottles each year. (source)
Glass can be recycled forever. (source)
It can take 4000 years for a glass to decompose in a landfill. (source)
Here is a fun and educational website for kids and grown-ups that teaches the importance of recycling glass.

The number to call for state recycling information:              1-800-CLEANUP 

Fabulous Flea Market Finds: Jars

They are humble flea market finds but they are wonderful!  Old jars are one of the easiest objects to recycle and very versatile too! From a simple vase to hold your favorite flowers at home to an elegant table setting decor for a wedding; from a functional container to organize your clutter in the office to brilliant pieces of storage for your sweets and goodies in the kitchen.

What else can you make out of old jars? tea light candle holders, hanging lanterns, terrariums, shelf organizers… Indeed, the possibilities are endless!  Remember these recycled jar vases from Old New Again?  It takes just a bit of inspiration to find a fabulous new use for old jars.  And you don’t even need to scour flea markets to find them. You can start your own collection of jars instead of throwing them away to the junkyard.  I found these inspiring photos of old jars turned into something beautiful from weheartit(You can click on each photo to view the source).