Fabulous Flea Market Finds: Jars

They are humble flea market finds but they are wonderful!  Old jars are one of the easiest objects to recycle and very versatile too! From a simple vase to hold your favorite flowers at home to an elegant table setting decor for a wedding; from a functional container to organize your clutter in the office to brilliant pieces of storage for your sweets and goodies in the kitchen.

What else can you make out of old jars? tea light candle holders, hanging lanterns, terrariums, shelf organizers… Indeed, the possibilities are endless!  Remember these recycled jar vases from Old New Again?  It takes just a bit of inspiration to find a fabulous new use for old jars.  And you don’t even need to scour flea markets to find them. You can start your own collection of jars instead of throwing them away to the junkyard.  I found these inspiring photos of old jars turned into something beautiful from weheartit(You can click on each photo to view the source).


Shop of the Week: Old New Again

Hello everyone, hope your weekend has been great.  Our Shop of the Week is none other than Old New Again.  Based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, this home based shop is owned by Rick and Elizabeth Duckhorn.
Their story is truly an inspiration especially for people who have lost their jobs and are planning to start  a small business.  Let’s meet this husband and wife team and listen to Liz as she talks about the steps involved in their creative process.
What’s the inspiration behind your shop’s name?

First, we are a husband (Rick) and wife team (me, Liz).

We love old things with a fresh spin, like a fresh coat of pretty paint on a dingy wooden box.  My mom was an antique dealer when I was a child, and my dad has been a full-time artist ever since I can remember, really.  He’s made a nice living off his art, so I learned a lot about both creating and how to sell, too.  So maybe I mixed the “antique dealer” with the “artist” and that’s how I got “old with new”?  Hmmm…. I just figured that out!

Read the entire interview on Beautiful Handmade blog.

Fabulous Flea Market Finds: Window Shutters

I love recycled things and I love flea market so I’m starting this new segment which I’ll call “Fabulous Flea Market Finds”. I found these inspiring interior design ideas which makes use of old window shutters recycled into wall decor, mood board, divider or fabulous accents for the home. Which idea would you like for your home?
(please click on each photo to view source)
via: bhg

Style Love: Tissue Paper Couture

We started off the week with a paper shop interview, followed by a series of posts on paper styling and playful paper products.

In line with the theme, these stunning fashion photos are taken from the Sixth Annual White Cashmere Collection 2009, for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, sponsored by Cashmere Tissue Rolls. The event was participated in by 15 top fashion designers from Canada, using yes, you’ve guessed it . . . tissue paper. From the looks on the runway, you’ll never say, it’s just tissue paper.  I am excited to see what the 2010 collection would present.  Here are some of my favorite looks:

designed by: Dinh Ba
handbag by: Jeanne Lottie
designed by: Sunny Fong
designed by: Patricia Fieldwalker
designed by: Anastasia Lomonova
Hair accessory by: David Dunkley
necklace by: David Maestre
photos via:

DIY Decor for the Home Office Space

In a month or two, we might be moving to a new unit again so this isn’t the best time to be doing room makeovers.  But still, I cannot help but look for more inspiration, simple DIY projects that I can incorporate in my own room or work space.  I found these stunning ideas from bhg:
1 shutters turned into a mood board
2  photo display frame using a clothespin
3 framed coaster
4 forks turned into note organizers

5 empty frame hanging atop a vintage print

Which one’s your fave?

Oh and if you haven’t entered the giveaway,you can still enter here to win a word art vinyl wall decal by Single Stone Studios.  The winner will be announced tomorrow.  Enjoy your weekend!

Functional & Decorative: Up-Cycled, Eco-Friendly Organizers

I love organizers! They make life easier, they add life to a room, and they give us more space to move in.  Today, I put together a selection of functional, decorative pieces that can be used to organize clutter. These pieces are handmade, upcycled or recycled, and eco-friendly – which makes them even more special.

These stitched wire sculptures are created by bird from a wire. That birdcage wire frame is so cute, don’t you think?  Those of you who love to sew might use it to hang ribbons or fabric scraps. I would love to hang my hubby’s neckties there alongside photos and postcards or notes. (The 2 wooden clothespins are included set.)

I love these wall organizers from post road vintage! The cool thing is that each one has been put together using recycled materials like mason jars, tin cans, salvaged metals, etc. They certainly would make any space more interesting!  If you hurry, there is a giveaway on her blog right now.

These creative storage bins are from sewing momma‘s shop.  They are made from felt fabric produced from 100% recycled plastic bottles.  The pretty flower embellishments are created from fabric scraps.  Perfect bins to dump in your magazines, shoes, craft supplies, toys, and thingabobs!

Loving these burlap message board, journal, and bookends from next door to heaven.  I can imagine those bookends with my favorite books on a white or neutral shelf.  So lovely!

This shop called bowenism is all about felted pottery made out of wool fabric.  These fuzzy vessels  would look fabulous by the window or on a shelf to contain small items or potpourri.

I want these French script clothes pins from The Shabby Chic Cottage.  The bird tea light holder and pin cushion are adorable as well.  And so is that ivory lamp shade with French scripts.

These soft, fuzzy bowls are from Valeries Gallery.  They were stitched or crocheted from wool yarn, processed through the washing machine, shaped and hung dry.

Midwest Finds is all about upcycled and recycled vintage jars.  I love the jar liquid soap dispenser.  I can imagine it inside a simple white bathroom.  And the half-pint jar spoon rest, isn’t it so creative?  The natural blue tinge of these Ball jars would look perfect against a white or gray background.  Combine it with a colored accessory and the glass will reflect the colored light.
Oh, how I would love to take home even just one or two item from each shop. What about you? Which one   did you like?

Beautiful Recycled at Cosa Verde

I discovered Cosa Verde while visiting The Next ArrowCosa Verde is a collaboration of  Liz Grotyohann, a graphic designer and artist & Jeff Fein-Worton, a programmer; together with their buddies Milo Minderbinder and Boo Radley.  You can read more about them here.
I found that some of the sellers there can also be found at Etsy but what makes it different is that it actually focuses on one theme – “small changes can make a big difference in preserving our environment”. So if you are looking for items that are not just handmade but are recycled, upcycled, repurposed and Earth-friendly, this is the place to find it.  Here are some of my favorite Cosa Verde finds for the day:
 recycled bib necklace by fabula
felted ring by crafts 2 cherish

organic cotton shawl by tickled pink knits
felted textile bracelet by vilte
organic crochet flower by Annie Design
vintage fabric apron by Bananasaurus Rex
french lace tote by tortilla girl
ballet flats by hydra heart


rescued wood fence by dolan geiman
  upcycled coffee bag by rean bean
recycled paper garland  by kristina marie
guitar string necklace by plucking pendants


sterling silver by elisha shere jewelry
magnetic locket by olive bites
dryer pillow sheets by zjane

vintage tea towel bird by montclair made

 handmade fabric moth brooch by blue terracotta
organic leaf earrings by Designs by Erin
white fascinator by A Alicia
felted drawstring bag by crafts 2 cherish