Tutu Dresses for Flower Girls and Babies

On my wedding blog today: tutu dresses for flower girls and babies! You can check out the post her to see a link to the shop for all the twenty-four tutu dresses featured on the post. Here’s a peek:

wedding tutu dress for little girls and babies


DIY Printable Wedding Invitations and Save-the-Date Cards

On my wedding blog: I curated my favorite designs of printable wedding invitations and save-the-date cards from Etsy. Here’s a peek:

printable save the date cards

printable wedding invitationsweddingbug

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Beautiful Vintage: Vintage Wedding Decor

Please check out my latest post on The Weddingbug to see all vintage wedding decor I chose from various Etsy sellers.  Here’s a peek:

beautiful vintage banner pinkvintage wedding decor

Styling a Dream Wedding – An Interview with Samantha of Primary Petals

I came across the work of Samantha Santana – floral designer and event stylist,while browsing the pages of Utterly Engaged and I instantly fell in love with her beautiful creations.  Samantha’s floral designs are breathtakingly beautiful!

I sent her an e-mail, asking if she would care to do an interview for my blog.  It is so nice of her to say yes and it has been a pleasure corresponding with her for this article.

What I love about interviewing people is that I learn a lot from what they share! Samantha talks about how she got into this career, and shares her personal thoughts and experiences on being a florist and event stylist.  She also gives tips on how to style a dream wedding on a limited budget.  If you are planning your wedding, I am sure that you will find this interview an inspiration.

How long have you been in the business?

I have been practicing floral design and event styling with my husband, James, as my business partner for almost 3 years now.

Did you really choose to be a florist and event stylist?

No, it is quite a surprise! I fell into this career after a friend asked me to provide florals for her wedding. I am her “artsy” friend, so she thought I’d be able to pull it off. Apparently I did, because soon after her wedding a flow of request for seasonal wedding flowers came my way!

However, it wasn’t until I lost my job in entertainment, due to an injury, that I really was forced to move into event styling and floral design full time. It was a blessing in disguise because I suddenly was getting tons of work without trying due to a few blog features I had on some prominent wedding blogs. The work has not slowed down ever since!

Read the rest of the interview.

wedding photography

Weddings: An Interview with Chris and Verity of Sansom Photography

It was a pleasure to feature wedding photographers Chris Sansom and his lovely wife, Verity Woolf of Sansom Photograpny in an interview on The Weddingbug.

Here is an excerpt from the article.  Please read the full post here.  Thanks:)

How did you get into wedding photography business?
Chris: I started photography with
live music work in 2005 and from there developed a keen interest in the
subject. I went on to study Film production at Leeds Met University and
during my degree I realised that I would really rather work with still
images! When we came to the end of our time at Uni we were keen to stay
in Leeds and were fortunate enough to be able to take on the wedding
photography full time just before we graduated.
Verity: My father has always had a
keen interest in photography and that inspired me to get into it. I
always picked up his Nikon cameras at a young age and without even
asking how to use it I seemed to have a natural intuition about how to
create what I had imagined in my head. I studied Fine Art at university
and that’s where I discovered my real passion for photography. When I
met Chris we instantly had a common interest and it seemed the perfect
idea to collaborate our 2 very different styles and form a business
together. Continue reading. . .
wedding carriage

Your Wedding Budget – How Much is Too Much?

To come up with the right wedding plan, the first thing to consider is the budget. How much can both of you afford to spend? Who’s going to provide the budget? Will it be the groom’s sole responsibility, the bride’s, or would both parties be giving his and her share?  Continue reading. . .

wedded couple


1. wedded couple

dogs at a wedding

On Choosing Your Wedding Venue

One aspect of wedding preparations that soon-to-be-married couples must decide on is the venue.  Here are some important points to ponder when choosing  your wedding venue: Continue reading…

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